Chef Abdelmonem Assi

'The Spice Man'

Originally from the City of Alexandria, Egypt, Abdel has lived all over the world, and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at Synergia Ranch, Center for Innovation, where he volunteers his time helping in the care and maintenance of a 500 tree organic fruit orchard, and has assisted in the construction of a Wastewater Garden.

From a traditional background of chefs and spice dealers in Egypt, Abdel's grandfather was one of the top chef’s for King Fouad of Egypt, so it is fitting that he continues this tradition, of fine cuisine, with an extensive knowledge of spices and exotic seasonings.

Reknowned for his quality products from around the world, and for his spontaneous theatrical presentations on spices, grains and granules, Abdel informs the public about the world that he loves at the world famous Native American, Tesuque Market, Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he has been a local figure for over twenty years.

Abdel's 'Chef's Special' creation is an original, magical spice and seasoning mix, that has customers worldwide returning for more.

Chef Abdel offers his chef services for gatherings large and small, and for cooking workshops to those that wish to learn the secrets of the exotic spice world.
With his historical, geographical and cultural knowledge of Egypt and Morocco, he also offers his services as a specialist tour guide for those with special interests in regional cuisine, middle eastern and north african music.

Gastronomic Delights
Best selling Spices

New Mexican Southwest Chili
Chimayo Red Chili: from the fertile soil of Chimayo village, hot or mild. $10.00 per pound.
Hatch Green Chili Powder: the famous ingredient of of New Mexico cuisine, hot or mild. $18.00 per pound.
Smoked Chipotle: a beautiful smokey flavor with the zip of New Mexico chili, from Las Cruces. $20.00 per pound.

Oriental spices and seasonings
Chef’s Special: from his seasoned experience Abdul has formulated an incredible mix of global spices to add a magic flavor to any dish, meat or vegetarian. A must try!! $20.00 per pound
Chef Abdul’s Special Thai Curry powder. $18.00 per pound
Classic Madras Indian Curry Powder, hot or mild. $16.00 per pound.
Zatar: ground mix of oregano, roasted sesame seed, sumac and thyme, used for thousands of years in the middle east for daily cooking, rubs, especially for vegetarian dishes, with olive oil, breads and cheeses. $14.00 per pound.
Tumeric: healthy ingredient for all dishes. $14.00 per pound.
Sumac: a zingy, tart flavor that is delicious sprinkled on fish, chicken, sheesh kebab, over salad dressings, rice pilaf, and more coming from Iran. A mysterious & delicious twist for any meal, considered essential for cooking in much of the Middle East. $18.00 per pound.
Saffron: the divine ingredient from the crocus flower used for centuries. $5.00 per gram.

New Mexico pinon in shell. Price according to availability.
Alamagordo Pistachio Seasoned with Green Chili or Chef’s Specials. $12.00 per pound.

Chef Abdul’s Special Coffee Blends
Turkish Coffee $18.00 per pound
New Mexico Pinon $14.00 per pound

For more prices and details of shipping costs contact Chef Abdul

Fine Textiles, Architectural details and collectors ornaments
From extensive travel around the globe, Abdul offers batiks and woven fabrics from Morocco, Java, Bali, Egypt, and India and brings back interesting pieces for collectors.

Chef Abdul offers his chef services for gatherings, large and small, and for cooking workshops for those that wish to learn the secrets of the spice and seasoning world.

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(011) 3-322-6348
Alexandria, Egypt